So I Have This Idea…

I spent several days in Memphis. My current employer decided to send a contingency from the center of the state west to work on a project. So I spent three nights in the Crowne Plaze in downtown Memphis. By the way, it was OK, but I don’t recommend you stay there. It’s never a good […]

Gender Inequity in the Animal Welfare Movement

Jen here. I recently had the pleasure of meeting (through the Internet) a fascinating scholar by the name of Corey Wrenn. She wrote a paper entitled, “The Role of Professionalism Regarding Female Exploitation in the Nonhuman Animal Rights Movement,” published in The Journal of Gender Studies. Ms. Wrenn makes one point that it not new- […]

Tips for Citizen Lobbyists!

As I told you earlier this week, Jen went to the Florida state capitol on Wednesday to lobby for Humane Lobby Day.  I want to share with you a few tips she learned about being an effective citizen lobbyist. If you call or visit your elected official, don’t be disappointed if you don’t actually speak […]

Adventures in Lobbying!

Oh Dog! This week Jen went to the state Capitol to lobby for Humane Day.  She’s gonna tell us a little of what it was like! woo woo woo! Last Tuesday, I joined others in my state to lobby for animal legislation.  There were around 60 of us attending. Compare that to the hundreds that […]