Dear DeDe

Rumpy: Hello everybody! It’s Sunday so it’s time for another visit with Dear DeDe. DeDe, your column was very popular last week. You’re definitely a hit! DeDe: Oh Dog! Really? You mean they think I give good advice? Rumpy: Yeah, well….. they thought you were great! DeDe: That’s pawsome! Well, let’s not keep ’em waiting! […]

Calling All Angels!

One day I asked Hissy Fit Jones if he was an angel. That cat said he thought I’d been into the catnip- like catnip has an effect on a dog!  He said that he was a cat, NOT an angel, but he could act like one for cat treats. Then he asked me what brought […]

‘Tails’ of Friendship

Today is Friendship Day!  Happy Friendship Day to all my friends that live inside the Internet! To celebrate, I will tell you about Me and DeDe’s best friends! DEDE and BUBBA This is DeDe with Bubba cat.  Jen teases Bubba by saying he’s a boy with his dog.  So what led to this friendship?  Bubba […]

#Haiku Friday (on a Saturday)

Oh Dog! I am overwhelmed by all the words of comfort and prayers from my friends as we have mourned Sage’s departure for the Rainbow Bridge. To update: I was very upset the following day when I realized she wasn’t coming back, but I am doing much better. Jen stayed home with us and gave […]

Urban Wildlife- Rumpy Style!

This is that cheeky squirrel that lives in the tree in our back yard. I know the picture’s not that clear, but you can see he’s holding a ball. Actually that’s a tomato…. from MY VINE! Can you believe that squirrel had the NERVE to steal that tomato while I was standing on the deck? […]