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Cats Steal the Show at All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration!

Last night I watched the All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration . May I just say that the people that put this show together are genius? In addition to showcasing dogs in rescue that are in need of homes, they hit on every rescue-related topic- from the importance of spay/neuter to the cost of rescuing to the need … Continue reading

Want Some Free Publicity From Me? This is What it Takes.

I’ve told you before that I get a lot of emails from people wanting me to promote their product for free. Some do more than just send a mass email; they send an email just to me, then in a day or two send a follow-up email just to be sure I got their first … Continue reading

Flavored Crust? Leave My Pizza Bones Alone

Dear pizza restaurants: What have you got against dogs?   It’s true that most humans don’t eat the crust ends of the pizza. But that’s because those pieces are supposed to go to the dog! I mean, duh! Why do you think they call them “Pizza Bones?” So now it’s all about adding “flavor” to the … Continue reading

Kristen Levine: Pet Marketing Professional!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! Today I am talking with Kristen Levine. Ms. Levine is a Pet Lifestyle Expert. Her company, Fetching Communications, works with companies to provide positive PR for companies providing pet-related products and services. One campaign you all know is with the Bissell Company. Ms. Levine graciously agreed to answer a … Continue reading

Dogs- An Advertiser’s Best Friend

These days you see dogs everywhere.  One out of three commercials on TV includes a dog. In fact, advertising featuring dogs has become a $31 billion market (mediaartsliterary.com). Not too shabby, huh? . . What’s up with that?  Advertising genius Bob Brooks once said that dogs and babies are in so many commercials because people … Continue reading

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