Love Song of the Crazy Cat Lady

Miss Biddy stayed out all night Tuesday. I felt scared, and relieved when she finally made it back Wednesday evening. She was a mess and I took her to the vet; bloodwork was good and X-rays showed her lungs were clear. But the vet noticed a tooth was missing. This morning I checked and realized […]

Low-Hanging Fruit of a Poison Tree

Persistently Positive Patty thinks she can decree how my life should be. As does Reverend Robbie. It’s in the Bible, you see. And the self-help hyperbole, whose many followers agree, holds the key to being happy. Access it now, only $257.33. But what if, maybe, what’s best for me is what my intuition tells me, […]


Dear Universe, next time I ask for someone to show me a bit of compassion, kindly refrain from once again dumping on me all the shit you can scoop up. I get the message that you don’t care for me, but your cruelty is quite uncalled for. On second thought, I’m not going to ask […]