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Wait a Minute, I thought Jesus Said We Were All Precious

This is Barbara Dawson. She lived in Bristol, Florida, a town about an hour away from us.  Ms. Dawson died yesterday at Calhoun Liberty Hospital in Blountstown, Florida. She was transported there Sunday night by ambulance after complaining of stomach pain.  On Monday morning the attending physician at the community not-for-profit hospital discharged her.  When Ms. Dawson … Continue reading

Red Cup Controversy: Newsworthy, or a Media-Driven Story?

So Starbucks is celebrating the holidays by changing their cups to red because they hate Jesus. Oh, how these non-news news stories make me tired. Why do media outlets keep reporting this nonsense as news? There is so much more going on the world. Like in Missouri, where the University of Missouri president and chancellor resigned … Continue reading

What We’ve Learned About Ourselves Since Cecil was Murdered

Unless you’ve been hiding from social media for the past few weeks, you know that Cecil, the beloved African lion of Zimbabwe, was lured from the Hwange National Park and killed by Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer to become a trophy on Palmer’s wall. So what’s happened since? The world has learned that the numbers of animal welfare advocates … Continue reading

Fired Lake County Shelter Director Speaks Out!

Here’s an update on the Lake County Animal Shelter Media Frenzy. . Wednesday I told you about Lake County Florida’s Sheriff Gary Borders fired Animal Services Director Jacquelyn Johnston after 147 animals were sheltered during her 9-day tenure. Today Ms. Johnston fired back with a letter penned by her attorney that accused shelter supervisor Jennifer Ferguson for … Continue reading

The Best News I Heard All Week!

This week we’re travelling to India for some good news! Tamil Nadu is an Indian state known for its Jallikattu-bullfights, where men wrestle bulls to win prizes tied to the bull’s horns.  India has argued for years that it’s not inhumane because the bulls don’t necessarily die, though many bulls and humans are killed during the so-called festivities. … Continue reading

The Best News I Heard All Week!

Welcome to Nepal, home of this week’s awesome news. Nepal has rhinos, tigers, and elephants that live within its borders. But one thing it doesn’t have is poaching. Zip. Zilch. Nada. WHAT???? You read it right. For the year ending February 2014, Nepal had NO incidents of poaching. Add that to 2011 when there were … Continue reading

Animal Hoarding at a Northwest Florida High School?

Welcome to Choice High School and Technical Center in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, part of the Okaloosa County School District. Their motto? Envision your future. The school is accredited by the Commission of the Council of Occupational Education. And one of the ways you can envision your future in the animal welfare arena at Choice is … Continue reading

The Best News I Heard All Week!

Oh Dog! Happy Sunday! I hope you remembered to SPRING! forward, if it’s time for you to do so. Jen says the best thing about springing forward is that it takes the cats a week to figure out they’re not waking her up early! *snicker* We heard several pieces of good news this week. And … Continue reading

The Best News I Heard All Week!

Oh Dog! Happy Oscars Sunday! And speaking of the Oscars, some shelter animals are gonna be mighty happy, thanks to some caring Oscar losers. WHAT? That’s right! Those that don’t win Best Actor, Best Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, and Best Director are given a bag of swag, and this year’s consolation prize includes this: The prize … Continue reading

The Best News I Heard All Week!

This week we heard a wonderful story thanks to fellow blogger and friend Maria Appleby! And who is NOT in love with Gus Kenworthy this week? Sure, he won a silver medal in the slopestyle event, but it’s his adoption of a mama dog and her four puppies that have us all smiling from ear … Continue reading

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