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I Got the Car Shoppin’ Blues…

So I have a Nissan Versa. It’s several years old, and it’s starting to have issues.  Like the axle leak the dealership fixed, and now the damn thing squeaks every time I make a turn. The gas cap is no longer attached to the car, so I’m forever having to drop and dig it out … Continue reading

We Value Your Opinon. Please Complete Our Survey.

Seems like I’m always being asked to complete a survey.  Go to a website? I’m asked to complete a survey. Buy a burger? There’s a number to call to complete a survey and in return get free food during my next visit. Call a business? I’m asked to hang on after the call ends to … Continue reading

Are We Animal Lovers? Or Users of Animals?

When I began writing about animal welfare issues, I naively thought that what was missing in the community was a lack of focused leadership, and that if only more people knew the truth about the plight of many animals around the world, we could join together and make positive changes. Oh, what a fool I … Continue reading

Why I’m Tired of Animal Welfare Advocacy

I’m tired of animal welfare advocacy. I’m tired of the drama. Animal welfare advocacy is emotional overload. Act now or this animal dies! We need your help! We can’t do it without you. Make a donation today! Day after day, year after year, the message remains the same. I’m tired of the focus not being … Continue reading

Billions of Spoiled Brats Can’t Be Wrong…. Can They?

A recent news story got me thinking. It seems that some residents of Fairfax County, Virginia, are putting up a fight, complete with well-paid lawyers, against….. the Girl Scouts? Yep. The Girl Scouts want to build a storage building on camp property, and nearby residents claim the building will decrease their property value. *cue crocodile … Continue reading

Why TWRA Was Right to Confiscate Rebekah the Raccoon

If you’re a lover of animals, you’ve probably heard the story of Mark “Coon Rippy” Brown of Gallatin, Tennessee. Mr. Brown describes himself as a wildlife rescuer, and his videos of him with former raccoon pal Gunshow and more recent raccoon pal Rebekah made him an internet sensation. He was lined up to star in a … Continue reading

Putting a Face to the Problem

This is MJ.  MJ is a nine month old female cat for whom life has not exactly been easy. At only a few months old, she was rescued from the side of a Yorkshire road, very pregnant and very thin. Her rescuer took her to a vet clinic, who provided care for her. Her pregnancy … Continue reading

The Double-Edged Sword of Freedom

Today we in the US celebrate the birth of our nation, and we remember the cost to our ancestors for winning our freedom.  Freedom and democracy have brought many positive changes to our nation and to the world. It has also allowed a small, but well-funded, vocal minority to dictate what laws will govern our … Continue reading

June Buggie Rants!

MEOW!  I am June Buggie and I have something to say! I want to say something to you people who are hurting right now because you’re unemployed, under-employed or who have a job that SUCKS but you’re stuck in it. I’m sorry. Yep, I’m sorry, and that is sincere. Why am I saying that?  Because … Continue reading

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