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Light Weight Litters- They’re Not All the Same

Back in January I wrote a blog post about some of the various litters I’d tried. I said I wasn’t with the lightweight litter choices out there. But after I was bitten by a dog and my dominant left hand was useless for several days,  scooping the litter box quickly escalated from a task I dislike but could easily … Continue reading

Service Dogs: Allow Access or Break the Law

For the past two days I’ve written about “fakers,” those who pretend their dogs are service dogs in order to take them into public businesses.  Several of you have mentioned the difficulties some people with legitimate service dogs have in public, including being denied admittance to establishments. I reminded you that just because you can’t … Continue reading

Fake Service Dogs: What the Law Says

Yesterday I told you about the “fakers,“ those who falsely claim their pet is a service animal in order to take with them wherever they go. Now that we know there are some bad actors out there that are claiming their pets are service animals, what can be done about it? By knowing what the … Continue reading

Fake Service Dogs? Yep, it’s a HUGE Problem.

Fake service dogs? Are you kidding me? Yes, indeedy! Seems that some dog owners are scamming the system by claiming their companion animal is a service dog. WHAT? Oh yeah, it’s easy! You just say your dog is a service animal, and businesses cannot then deny your dog entrance into their business. But surely dog … Continue reading

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