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Euthanasia Drug in Pet Food?

Think the food you feed your dog or cat is safe? Maybe. Maybe not. Guess what a news station found in dog food? Continue reading

It’s Bravo! and Away We Go!

So here in the Gulf Coast region, it’s time everyone should have their emergency preparedness kits and plans in place.  In areas where hurricanes are always a possibility, one must be ready to either stay or go at short notice. One thing I’ve always struggled with when planning is food. Having extra on hand if … Continue reading

By Nature Active Defense: Grain-Free and Yummy!

This is By Nature Active Defense Grain-Free dog food, By Nature’s latest offering. They also offer Active Defense for cats. Now we all want to feed our dogs and cats the best food we can find, right? By Nature Active Defense provides dogs and cats with SuperFusion™ Advanced Nutritional Blend. This fusion of high-quality proteins, antioxidant-rich … Continue reading

The Dog Food Wars- A Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Dog Owners

Ah, the dog food wars. Dog food is big business!According to the Pet Food Institute, here in the US we spent 11.3 BILLION dollars on dog food in 2013, and another 2.6 billion dollars on dog treats. Cat food is also big business; Americans spent 6.4 billion dollars on cat food and another half-billion on cat … Continue reading

We’re Trying by nature Grain-Free! What Did We Think?

We were asked to review the by nature 95% meat grain-free canned food.  If it were up to the dogs, we’d try anything and everything sent our way. But with DeDe’s special dietary needs, I have to be careful what we try. By nature is a part of the Blue Seal Feeds Company of Massachusetts. … Continue reading

Introducing Petbrosia!

I was asked by Petbrosia to try out their new food, so I did. They sent food for June Buggie and Rumpy! Who is Petbrosia? They are a new pet food company on the scene with an interesting concept- they sell you food specially designed for your dog or cat. How does it work? You … Continue reading

Winners and Another Chance to Win!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! Last night I gave out candy to cool kids in costumes. Today I’m giving away Frosty Paws to dogs.  Woo woo woo! If you’re on the list, please go to my Facebook page and email your mailing address! Susie Nuss Andrea Bearden Phoebe Hitchcock Poulin Sarah Morgan Whitfield Nan … Continue reading

Dear DeDe is At It Again!

Welcome back to another exciting visit with Yours Truly! Oh Dog, have we had quite the drama this week!  Graybie Baby has a sensitive tummy, and after Jen got back from her trip he was not eating. So she gave him some of his probiotic meds, but he still wasn’t eating. She went to find … Continue reading

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