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The Pathology Results are In……

Yesterday I got the call. The pathology results were in.  DeDe’s tumor is a hemangiopericytoma. It’s cancer. It’s considered malignant. But they don’t usually metastasize. Instead, treatment consists of surgically removing the tumor and some surrounding healthy tissue. But they almost always come back. In one forum, I read a post that said the tumor … Continue reading

Today We’re Listening to Our Elders

Today is Black Friday, the unofficial day of mass shopping hysteria to encourage you to buy stuff. For those of you not swept up in the consumerism that is this day, today is also the National Day of Listening. It’s a day for you to sit down and actually listen to the stories of your family … Continue reading

Words on Wednesday- Cold Laser Treatment

As I told you, DeDe got a cold laser treatment at the vet’s office as a part of her treatment for arthritis.   Cold therapy, also known as low level laser therapy (LLLT), is an experimental treatment but some find it to be effective with short-term relief from pain in joints caused by arthritis. The therapy has … Continue reading

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