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In Talking With a Polar Bear…

I’ve been doing some serious soul-searching. I’ve never been a trusting sort, and Tuesday reminded me yet again that people are not to be trusted. That said, I no longer have it in me to fight. If you do, more power to you. Me, I’m done. Instead I’m going to enjoy my days. After all, … Continue reading

Sign! Sign! Everywhere a Sign!

I see lots of signs while we’re out walking. Rumpy could care less, of course, because he can’t read them. But I find them interesting. Here are a few of the signs we see while on our walks.

Friday Cute!

After waiting for what seems like forever, DogTime will announce the winners of the 2014 Petties on September 26th. Can we all wait another week to find out who won? In the meantime, here’s some cute to get you through Friday and the weekend underway.    

Why I Suck at Outdoor Photography

Ever wonder why most of the photos of Rumpy are taken inside? Simple: I suck at outdoor photography. Of course, it would help if I had a better camera, but I don’t. So this is what happens when I take photos outside.          

Weirdo Wednesday: Nothin’ Normal ‘Bout Rumpy!

Photos of Cats Doing Cat Things

Here are some random cat photos for you to enjoy.      

Wordless Wednesday- Just Chillin’

Oh Dog! It’s hot outside! Here in southern Alabama it’s been rainy, hot and humid. We’ve been staying inside where it’s cool.         Don’t forget to vote today and every day for your favorite blogs among the Dogtime Petties Awards finalists. I am publicly supporting Animal Shelter Volunteer for Best Cause Blog … Continue reading

Introducing the Creative Cat!

Oh Dog! Today I have a special treat for you! Bernadette Kazmarski is a wonderful artist who finds inspiration in her cats. On her blog, The Creative Cat, she showcases her work, as well as her photography, poetry, and of course, her feline family. Help me give a warm welcome to Bernadette! Rumpy: Thanks so … Continue reading

Monday Blog Swap!

Uh oh! Just when you thought it was safe to get out of bed….. MONDAY’S BACK!!!  ACK!!!!!   Oh well, I guess there’s nothing to do but make the best of it.  So how about this week we check out some photography blogs? A Window Into the Woods profiles photographs of animals, some domesticated and some … Continue reading

Friends Around the World- Super Star Edition!

Oh Dog! Today we have a star on my blog! Well, OK, he’s not a star yet, but I know he’s gonna be! I met Jimmie while doing a bit of blog surfing. He’s an amazing young guy and I just know you’re gonna be as blown away by him as I am. Dogs and … Continue reading

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