The Way Dogs See Things

Oh Dog! Things are kinda hectic around here! So while we’re working hard, how about your check out this blast from the past and find out what like would be like If Humans were Like Dogs. . . And if you want to find out how to prevent the barrage of emails (for wordpress bloggers), […]

It’s Poetry Time!!!!

Oh Dog! It’s been SOOOOOO long since we last had a poetry challenge and we are WAYYYYY past due! So listen up you dogs and cats (and humans too!)- this Friday we’re gonna throw down with some haiku!  Are YOU up to the challenge? Now remember, there are several different form of haiku. The most […]

Creativity at Work!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! Jen wrote a guest blog post for Christmas Pie Crafts! Ya oughtta go check it out! But she’s not the only one who’s been doing a little writing. I spent yesterday afternoon crafting some Haiku to share with you today. Lurking in shadows,  Ninja Kitty carefully  plans his next attack. […]

If Humans Were Like Dogs….

If humans were like dogs The crime rate would decrease, Because the only criminal Would be the cookie thief. If humans were like dogs The days would not be hectic, eating, walking, lots of naps, And Cookies paid for tricks. Dogs wouldn’t stay away from home At some place that they hate Dogs don’t worry […]

Micropoetry Challenge!

Oh Dog! It’s time for our latest poetry challenge! Today- MICROPOETRY!!!! I love poetry, and I love that you love to write poetry. It’s great fun. To me, writing, singing, or making art are the ways we tell the world about the real us. Micropoetry consists of 140 characters or less. Here are my contributions. […]