Low-Hanging Fruit of a Poison Tree

Persistently Positive Patty thinks she can decree how my life should be. As does Reverend Robbie. It’s in the Bible, you see. And the self-help hyperbole, whose many followers agree, holds the key to being happy. Access it now, only $257.33. But what if, maybe, what’s best for me is what my intuition tells me, […]


Dear Universe, next time I ask for someone to show me a bit of compassion, kindly refrain from once again dumping on me all the shit you can scoop up. I get the message that you don’t care for me, but your cruelty is quite uncalled for. On second thought, I’m not going to ask […]

Uvalde’s Children

I’m sorry I cannot cryfor you. I’ve tried, but the tears won’t come. Each of you another oneof those acceptable lossesthat fearful men embracebecause they refuse to face their selfish cruelty. If only we dared annihilate all this hate,could we have changed your fate?As I write these wordsthe tired old arguments heardafter every mass shooting […]