More Letters to SantaDog!

Oh Dog! Those letters to Santa just keep pouring in! It’s so exciting! Today we’re featuring a letter from three kitties who blog at My Three Moggies!  Let’s see what they’re asking Santa for! Dear Santa Dog, Well, what a purr-fect year 2012 has been for us three moggies. We’ve guarded the house, we’ve been […]

It’s Time for Letters to Santa Dog!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! It’s time to kick off this year’s series of Letters to Santa! DeDe Dog, June Buggie and I are OFFICIAL! Santa’s Helpers, and we send your letters to the Big Guy himself via the magic of blog posts. Woo! Woo! Woo! Our very first letter to come in this […]

A New Friday Feature!!

Oh Dog! I have a big announcement and I am SO excited! The holidays are coming! Now I know what you US readers are thinking- “But Rumpy, Thanksgiving isn’t here yet!” I know, but I am so excited! So to share the excitement, we’re going to talk Christmas on Fridays! And you can help! How? […]