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I Got the Car Shoppin’ Blues…

So I have a Nissan Versa. It’s several years old, and it’s starting to have issues.  Like the axle leak the dealership fixed, and now the damn thing squeaks every time I make a turn. The gas cap is no longer attached to the car, so I’m forever having to drop and dig it out … Continue reading

Memorial Day: How and Why We Remember

Monday is Memorial Day in the United States. It’s a holiday that signifies for many of us the beginning of summer. Schools are either already out or are soon to be for the summer break. Workers are planning their summer vacations. The weekend is marked with sales, especially at home improvement outlets, as this weekend … Continue reading

About That Holiday Gift for Fido….

Unless you live in a media-free vacuum, you know that retailers have deemed the holiday shopping season is upon us.  So let’s talk for a moment about gifts for some very important ones in your life- your animal companions. The pet products industry is big business, especially for dogs. But before you get caught up … Continue reading

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