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When Your Dog Needs Veterinary Care You Can’t Afford…

I told you all about Phoebe, a certified therapy dog and the mascot for Working to Halt Online Abuse, and how she needed help paying for cateract surgery, but I didn’t tell you the whole story. I’ll rectify that right now. Phoebe is an 8-year-old Siberian Husky. She spent the first three years of her life … Continue reading

So How Can You Help Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog Continue to Help Others? I’m Glad You Asked!

Meet Phoebe.  Phoebe is one of the first friends I had on Facebook. That was before Facebook became such a tyrant to sell personal information and began deleting all profiles that weren’t considered sellable, like those of dogs and cats and transvestites. In addition to being a pretty face, Phoebe is also a hard worker. … Continue reading

A Visit with A Siberian Named Forrest

Oh Dog! I have a wonderful guest today!  This is my Twitter friend Forrest- he’s a Siberian Husky!  Maybe we can be still long enough to get an interview out before we go play.  So lets give a warm welcome to Forrest Kerrigan! Rumpy:  Thanks so much for being my guest today!  Tell everybody a … Continue reading

A Visit With Team Ineka Racing Siberians

Oh Dog!  I am SO excited!  Today I’m talking with Robert Forto of Dog Works Training Centers about his sled dog teams. Why am I so excited?  Well, as you know, I am a Malamute, and Malamutes were bred as Arctic work dogs, just as the Siberian Huskys that Robert works with. Unless you’ve owned … Continue reading

Staying Safe Online! by Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog

Hi! I’m Phoebe The Cyber Crime Dog! Yep, I really do fight cyber crime and I have the badge to prove it (my collar ID tag). What do I do? Well, I’m the official mascot for Working to Halt Online Abuse – Kids/Teen Division (WHO@ KTD) at http://www.haltabusektd.org. My human mom, Jayne Hitchcock, is president and … Continue reading

Friends Around the World- Indonesia!

Oh Dog!  I have gotten so behind in publishing my interviews that to get caught up I will be publishing several this week.  So I hereby designate this as Friends Week!  I will be publishing two interviews today and tomorrow.  Please check each out because I know you’re gonna love ’em as much as I … Continue reading

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