It’s You I Like!

I am confident enough in my doghood to admit that I love Mr. Rogers. I know he is no longer with us physically, but he lives on at PBS. Why do I like Mr. Rogers? Because he’s the closest to a dog that a human ever got. Mr. Rogers always welcomed Mr. McFeely. Dogs LOVE […]

Dogs and Spirituality

Kevin Nelson MD is a professor of neurology at the University of Kentucky. He thinks it is possible that dogs and cats may go through near-death experiences and have mystical experiences similar to those experienced by humans.  His book is called “The Spiritual Doorway in the Brain: Unlocking the neurology of the God experience.” I […]

Peaceful Sunday Morning

I like Sunday mornings in my neighborhood. Weekday mornings are hectic with folks leaving for work. Saturdays bring folks out for ballgames and errands. But Sunday mornings are quiet and peaceful. When we go for our walk we see people sitting on their porches and they smile and say hello. . When I walk I […]

#Haiku Friday

Oh Dog! What a day I had yesterday! The morning was so hot that I didn’t care much for walking.  I was all excited for the first couple of blocks, but then I decided it was too hot and practically pulled Jen back home.  I wanted to run but she is too slow, so I […]

My Favorite Things

(to the tune of My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music) . Bunnies and squirrels that I watch with wonder, Air vents and cool fans that I can lie under, Raiding the cat box for a tasty treat, These are a few of my favorite things. . Warm days spent chewing on socks made […]

Stylin’ in my Fur Coat!

Malamutes have a heavy coat that’s designed to keep the dog warm in winter.  But did you know it also is designed to cool in summer?  When I first came to live with Jen she didn’t know that and she got my hair clipped.  She didn’t realize that made me susceptible to sunburn.  She doesn’t […]