Springing Forward!

Soon the time will change. And my schedule with change. Again. Different time for walkies. Different time for meals. It’s all so confusing. Why do you humans keep doing this? I don’t know. Lucky for me, I’m a go-with-the-flow kinda dog. I will embrace the earlier walks that will bring with them the warmer days. […]

The Robins are Coming!

The robins came this week, signalling to us that spring has sprung, at least in the Florida panhandle.   It’s always a joyous occasion when the robins return. They aren’t here long, perhaps a day or two. And while here they are noisy, messy, and outrageous in their antics! And boy, do i love it. The […]

A Poem for Spring!

Today is the first Friday of Spring. Yay! In celebration, I’ve written a poem. Enjoy! Today’s the first Friday of Spring. Ostara, fertility brings! So please “fix” Spot and Mittens, lest they have pups or kittens. Play it cool: spay and neuter’s the thing!