Subaru. Rumpy #DogTested.

Oh Dog! I love going for a ride! Don’t you? So I decided to buy myself my own car. First though, I need a license. Does your dog want his or her own license too? You can make one here: Next, to decide what kind of vehicle I want. So I went to the […]

A Part of the Family

If you’re like me, you’re not just some pet relegated to the corner or *gasp* backyard. No, we’re beloved members of the family, right? And that means that when family decisions are made, your needs are considered too. Like when we moved, Jen worked with a realtor to find a place that allowed animals. Then […]

It’s Puppy Bowl Time in America!!!!!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! tomorrow is The Big Day…. for the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl Plus, of course! This year Subaru is sponsoring the Puppy Bowl, and they have gone all out! They’ve even hired a salesman that sells only to dogs. Check it out: . This Grant Weber ¬†knows his stuff! . […]