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Is Independent Journalism at Risk?

With all these accusations lately of fake news, activist journalism, and a president who encourages his base to hate on the “liberal media,” journalists have really had it rough.┬áSometimes it makes ya wonder what you can believe anymore. Is journalism still independent? Here’s one story about┬ájournalism at risk. This is Jacqui Helbert. Jacqui was a … Continue reading

The Burden of Entitlement

I walk during my lunch break at work.  Lately I’ve taken to walking the part of The Trail of Tears that runs in downtown Nashville. A portion of that trail is two blocks away from the high-rise named for the president who forced their march. I try to get in touch with what it must have been … Continue reading

Showing a Little Gratitude for My Natural Surroundings

It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving! Time to rest up for Wednesday night- the biggest bar night of the year. Yep, it surpasses New Years’ Eve even! To be followed by Thursday’s eat-a-thon, then Friday’s shopping madness. Yeah, we sure know how to show our gratitude. Ah, but we each have a choice as to how … Continue reading

The Early Bird Gets the Worm!

Oh Dog! DeDe here! Happy Sunday! Happy Cinco de Mayo!     We got Jen up at the regular time this morning. Sure, it’s a day off, but we still like to keep our routine around here. She can rest later. Tennessee Governor Haslam still has not decided what he’s going to do about the … Continue reading

Why is DeDe So Excited????

Happy Sunday everybody! DeDe here! We’re pretty excited around here. The Animal Cruelty Bill that Jen lobbied for passed the House unanimously on April 17th and passed the Senate unanimously April 28th. The bill now awaits Governor Scott’s signature. The bill states that a person who commits acts of animal cruelty is to be charged … Continue reading

Buggie Be Good! (with apologies to Chuck Berry)

Oh Dog! I have been working on my poetry lately. We’re gonna have our Micropoetry Challenge Friday, but I got a little carried away and ended up writing a longer poem. So I decided to share it with you today. A reminder that micropoetry, also known as Twitter poetry, is poetry consisting of 140 characters … Continue reading

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