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Thanks for Listening!

One of the things I am most grateful for is being heard.  Sad, isn’t it? In a world filled with noise, we don’t listen to each other. For me, I feel I am heard so infrequently that it actually shocks me when people get what I’m trying to say. For example, this month is employee … Continue reading

Take the Stress out of De-Stressing the Holiday

I get it. You want to impress. So this weekend has been spent shampooing carpets and cleaning the bathroom tile crevices with a toothbrush. If you haven’t already, you’ll begin your food preparations today or tomorrow. You’ve already decided whether to go with something new or the tried-and-true holiday favorites. Turkey or alternative meat-free roast. … Continue reading

Showing a Little Gratitude for My Natural Surroundings

It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving! Time to rest up for Wednesday night- the biggest bar night of the year. Yep, it surpasses New Years’ Eve even! To be followed by Thursday’s eat-a-thon, then Friday’s shopping madness. Yeah, we sure know how to show our gratitude. Ah, but we each have a choice as to how … Continue reading

Why You Should Skip the Holiday Gatherings and Go Skiing Instead

And just like that it’s time to start dreading that most perfect, and perfectly awful, of times- the holiday season. For those of you who will spend the next two months in a euphoric stupor of holiday magic, this post is not for you. Move along, please. As for the rest of you, show of hands. How … Continue reading

When Your Dog Needs Veterinary Care You Can’t Afford…

I told you all about Phoebe, a certified therapy dog and the mascot for Working to Halt Online Abuse, and how she needed help paying for cateract surgery, but I didn’t tell you the whole story. I’ll rectify that right now. Phoebe is an 8-year-old Siberian Husky. She spent the first three years of her life … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day here in the US. We’ve all been taught the holiday was set aside by the Pilgrims to express gratitude for having survived their first year here in the New World. The truth is, the holiday, while touted as a sacred time to share with family and friends, has been a tool for … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving to You!

The staff at Rumpydog wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah! We are grateful for each and every one of you!

A Word of Thanks for Those Who Make it All Possible

Forty-five million. That’s how many turkeys have been slaughtered, processed, frozen, and shipped to grocers across the country for Americans to buy and prepare for their Thanksgiving celebrations. I know you’re already aware of the bird’s path from egg to frozen ball in your refrigerator, so I won’t waste your time going there. If you … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving US Friends!

Oh Dog! Today is a super-special holiday here in the US. It’s Thanksgiving! The Puritans were not big on holidays; they didn’t even celebrate Christmas or Easter. But they did celebrate days of thanksgiving when things were going well, such as after a bountiful harvest. So really the first celebration didn’t happen in Plymouth in … Continue reading

An Attitude of Gratitude

Meow! Malachi Kitty here to share with you my Gratitude Week post. . I have much to be grateful for. When I came to Rumpy begging for help, I was so thin that Jen thought I was a female kitten. Little did she know I was actually a neutered male that was 8 years old. … Continue reading

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