A Word of Thanks for Those Who Make it All Possible

Forty-five million. That’s how many turkeys have been slaughtered, processed, frozen, and shipped to grocers across the country for Americans to buy and prepare for their Thanksgiving celebrations. I know you’re already aware of the bird’s path from egg to frozen ball in your refrigerator, so I won’t waste your time going there. If you […]

Happy Thanksgiving US Friends!

Oh Dog! Today is a super-special holiday here in the US. It’s Thanksgiving! The Puritans were not big on holidays; they didn’t even celebrate Christmas or Easter. But they did celebrate days of thanksgiving when things were going well, such as after a bountiful harvest. So really the first celebration didn’t happen in Plymouth in […]

Dear DeDe is Grateful!

Oh Dog! Dear DeDe here! Today starts Gratitude Week around here at Rumpydog, and I get the honor of starting the ball rolling! I’m very grateful that the people working at the trash dump fed me and cared for me until Jen came along. And I’m ¬†glad that she did. I’m grateful that she didn’t […]

A Poem of Gratitude

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches I thought I’d share with my friends a little poem to show them how much they mean to me. Dear Dog, I want to thank you For each one of my friends That visit with me often And through words their love send. I love how much they offer, Good […]