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The Neverending War on Homeless Cats

I am a fan of Gwen Cooper, the author of the books about Homer the blind wonder cat. Homer has moved on from this realm, but Gwen continues to write about cats and topics of importance to cat lovers. This week Gwen sent out an email to her readers alerting us to a book being hawked … Continue reading

The Homeless in My Neighborhood

The homeless hang out in my neighborhood. Some are simply killing time out of the public eye until the Mission opens its doors at 4pm. Others find a quiet spot to hang out and drink. Still others camp out here. At one of the empty buildings on our walk route, some homeless have set up … Continue reading

Mayport Village- Taking Action to Help Homeless Cats!

Mayport Village in northeast Florida found itself with a big problem- lots of homeless cats. But this community didn’t just turn a blind eye like many communities do- they took action. To learn just exactly what this community has done, I’ve invited Tammy King from Mayport Cats, Inc. here to tell us all about it. Please give … Continue reading

It’s National Feral Cat Day!

Hissy Fit Jones here. I don’t post much, but today is National Feral Cat Day, a day that’s near and dear to my heart. I was born to a feral mama. Jen got my mama and then me fixed through a snip and tip program. Then I got sick, and I showed up hoping Jen … Continue reading

About Those Feral Kitties……

So we’ve been thinking long and hard about what’s the best right thing to do for Mama Kitty and her babies. And we’ve decided to do nothing. Wednesday evening, Jen had a heart-to-heart with Mama. Jen told her that her babies can’t stay in our yard and that if she insisted they do, we’d have … Continue reading

June Buggie and Hissy Fit Jones Debate!

Oh Dog! Politicians are debating, so we thought we’d have a debate of our own. Today we’re going to post the debate between June Buggie– an indoor cat since he was rescued as a young kitten, and Hissy Fit Jones– a cat born of a feral mother who lived the feral lifestyle for almost a … Continue reading

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