A Tale of Two Doctors

Bubba wasn’t eating. Again. So this morning I loaded him up and back to the vet we go.   Dr. M. looked him over, then checked his teeth. Yes, he had a bad one. So she did a blood panel to make sure he was OK for surgery, then I left him there for her […]

And We Have a New Vet!

It was time for Rumpy’s annual vaccinations, and I was scared.   I’ve talked about how uncomfortable I was with the vet that had been treating Bubba. I’d already decided they weren’t a good fit for the Rumpster.  I’d honestly thought of driving him to Dothan to see our old vet, but I knew that […]

The Latest on Bubba Cat

Here’s the latest with Bubba. The three days he took Onsior, he did well.  Then several days later he was back to his old fearful self. Saturday morning he peed in the cat bed. Saturday night he peed in Jen’s bed. Uh oh! So Monday morning Jen called the vet and talked options. Bubba started the Adequan shots […]

Bubba’s Vet Visit

So yesterday Bubba spent the day at the vet.     His blood work and urine both looked good. Yay! So maybe it’s the stress of losing his best friend combined with increased arthritis pain. Anyway, he’s taking Cosequin, which is glucosamine and chondroitin. I also have a 3 day supply of Onsior, a post-operative pain […]

DeDe Explains Today’s Post…..

Good morning! DeDe here! Rumpy’s had a hard time trying to figure out what to post today, so I thought I’d help him out. Ya see, he’s worried about me because Jen noticed a lump on my hip this weekend. I told him it was nothing, just one of those fatty tumors like what I’ve […]