Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday- Counting Kitties!

Wordless Wednesday- Waiting


Wordless Wednesday- Please Help Teddy Go Home!

There’s a Facebook page set up to help coordinate sightings.  Please help Teddy find his way home!

Wordless Wednesday- At Home Edition!


Wordless Wednesday- Ready for Bed!

It’s bedtime!

Wordless Wednesday- Getting Used to Things

Here are some pics of us at the new place:            

Wordless Wednesday- Bubba and DeDe!

  So while Jen was taking pics of the collar she’s reviewing, she captured this cute shot of Bubba and DeDe.  I’ve told you before about how these two are best buds.  So while we’re moving, here’s a dose of cute to make ya go Awwwwwww……..       We’ll be moving for the next … Continue reading

(Somewhat) Wordless Wednesday

Oh Dog! This blogging stuff is definitely paying off!   For instance, I get lots of emails inviting me to engage in all sorts of cool activities! I was invited to date lonely housewives.  I figure, hey! You’re bored? How about taking me for a walk! I was invited to train to become a police … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday- Gorgeous Gams!

GAM- (gm) n. Slang A person’s leg.       A huge thanks to everyone who voted for me in the DogTime Petties Awards. Voting has ended, so we now just have to wait and see the results.      

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday- Outside!

    Don’t forget that you can vote for me daily to win the Petties Best Cause-Related blog. If you prefer not to vote through Facebook, there’s also a link to vote by email.

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